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What are the factors that influence the hardware
China's accessories industry both manufacturing and circulation in by the major powers to the power of the development process, the number of enterprises will become less and less, the size and strength of enterprises will be more and more big, will walk a rely on the brand, relying on technical content, rely on strong capital, implementation of cross regional, cross-border, group, chain business road.
recently, the Beijing Association for the current market sales of some ceramic pieces of the faucet for comparison test. Yesterday, the Beijing Consumers Association announced the comparative test results. The results showed that in the test B-50 ceramic seal faucets products, 34% of non-compliance, the test results once again tortured plumbing hardware products quality.
according to the test, 50 samples in the water 10 ~ 24 hours, only two taps lead free element separation. Experts pointed out that the material does not meet the faucet is may let the stranded "overnight water" lead element to exceed bid, if size class exceeds a certain level, it will cause lead poisoning. < br > the comparative test samples were sealed ceramic piece kitchen faucet, involving Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hebei and other eight provinces and cities of 50 enterprises for the production of 50 samples. Commissioned by the national building materials industry architectural ironmongery plumbing products quality supervision, inspection and testing center, tap the sign packaging, salt fog test, flow, sealing performance, water use efficiency, lead exhalation concentration tested, 50 samples with 17 tap sample project failed to meet the standard requirements, accounting for 34%. < br > it is reported, not up to the standard of the reason why the overnight tap water easily lead exceeded, the main reason lies in the most of the ceramic chip taps due to technological limitations, use copper alloy casting, and Pb elements in copper alloy although and exposed to the air, the surface will oxidize quickly, a layer of protective film, but it makes the lead protective film off, causing tap lead elements of precipitation.
China Plumbing Hardware industry from scratch, decades of sustained development. At present, Chinese has become the world's largest plumbing hardware facilities, production and consumption country in the international market, also appeared on the domestic well-known brand Plumbing Hardware figure. With the aggravation of the market competition, the downturn in the property market, market demand drops, plumbing sanitary ware enterprises also need to enhance their own, change direction, pay more attention to upgrade product quality, improve the product function, continuous mining and meet the various needs of the target consumers, brand visibility and reputation.

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