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Hardware machinery for the future development of where
Combined with the China Science and technology hardware city group company actual work. At present, the most urgent task is to conscientiously implement the our city the thirteenth Congress and the city "two sessions" spirit, actively implement the China Science and technology hardware city "Twelfth Five Year" development plan "and the company established the annual work objectives and tasks, clear and detailed measures in the work, steadily push forward the key points, the main points of new year. All staff and our business users to and enhance the development of consciousness, cherish the opportunities for development, to the new state of mind and work style, rapid action, through our unremitting efforts, to create excellent results, to the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the people of the city a satisfactory answer. < br > in recently issued the implementation of the China Science and technology hardware city "Twelfth Five Year" development plan "in, group company proposed" implement the scientific concept of development, around the city "industrial strong city and eco Li City, business activity city civilization and prospering city" development strategy, and improving the quality of strong energy as the main line, industry linkage as the cornerstone, enhance market entities, stronger online market, bigger professional exhibition, planning and development of services in the advanced manufacturing industry in the high-end market, enhance the level of corporate governance, in order to speed up the modernization of City International Hardware City construction provide good service. " The guiding ideology for our future work to carry out the direction. To this end, we are in accordance with the requirements of the group's work, earnestly implement measures to promote the development of the work. To the scientific development, quality and strong as the main line of the "Twelfth Five Year" development, and through in all aspects. Especially based on the center of the "build a modern international hardware city", highlighting the business activity, and civilization prosper the city "the key, grasp quality and strong to the main line, to further enhance the market entities, broaden the online market, do fine professional exhibition, improve the level of corporate governance, vigorously carry out the striving for the province's five-star civilized norms of the market, being brave and good at creative work, accurately grasp the law of development of the professional market, break through the obstacles to development, and enhance the vitality of market development, and constantly open up the hardware city market development in the new situation.
Group Chairman and general manager of the hole in the deployment of this year's work, it is pointed out that the ability to build a focus, focus on professional knowledge learning and practical ability to train, enhance the ability and level of work. Further to excel, to promote management innovation, improve work efficiency, service efficiency and management effectiveness. Do bosomy real interest not retreat power, beg actual effect not undeserved reputation, pioneering and enterprising not complacent, down-to-earth not impetuous, your nose to the grindstone unassuming, in pay close attention to the implementation of better service market development, business customer service. Therefore, all employees must change their work style, strengthen study, work hard, sincere service. Good style is an important guarantee to promote the work and achieve the goal. We will vigorously carry forward the pragmatic, really grasp action, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, earnestly work to do deep, do fine, do it, do a good job. < br > challenges inherent opportunities, situation, inspiring, the goals and tasks of the new show in front, the better future need we work together to create. We should with a sense of confidence and the lofty mission, with more high spirited morale, more enthusiastic, more solid work, unite as one, pioneering and innovative, to tackle tough, hardware city to create new brilliant.

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