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Precision of forming process
The mold precision consists of four aspects: size and shape accuracy and position accuracy, precision and appearance. The two part time work mold in the upper die and a lower die, so in four kinds of precision in upper and lower die between the position accuracy of the most important.
3. For precision mold precision products services, products with high precision must be higher precision to ensure the mold, mold precision must be higher than that of general precision grade 2 or grade 2 or above.
improve the
1 mold precision method.
2 ensure the precision mold processing equipment. Mould manufacturing precision parts
. The accuracy of mold material requirements < br > mold steel machining tolerances restraint standard template size fine plate thickness flatness 300x300 within + 0.005 0.20 + 0.005300X500 + 0.01-0 + 0.01500X800 + internal 0.01-0.01 + 0.015800X1200 within + 0.02-0.02 + / - 0.02 II. A precision mold parts. The guide parts spread mold precision by MISUMI column, series, ultra precision tolerance can be restrained in less than 0.002mm.
b. Edge forming punch needle with standard MISUMI material: SKD-11 hardness: 60-62HRC blade shape: DREGTH needle is commonly used for inner hole or cylindrical shape forming products. Needle punching accuracy can be restrained in + 0.01mm, special requirements can be about 2um, and keep the mirror.
3. Die gap size is the main basis of mold design and manufacture of precision to ensure the mold production product size precision and shape and position accuracy, and product quality (such as the red cross section quality and burr height), you must ensure that the clearance between the concave and convex die.
4. Construction precision requirement of mould. Mold precision guarantee of Luo Baihui said, processing and assembly from the point of view, mold precision mainly includes the following several aspects: a. The plane size of upper and lower templates and the consistency of the position of the guide holes; B. The flatness and parallelism of the large plane of the template; C. The guide hole perpendicularity to large plane; D. The verticality of the adjacent sides of the template; e. Coordination precision of the guide post and the guide sleeve. To ensure the accuracy of
method are:
a mold. Once the processing method is the template of the large planar processing, the upper and lower template together with the clip, a processing out of the two block of the template plane size and guide holes.
b. A deviation of the symmetry position between the four guide holes to ensure the assembly orientation of the die.
c. Processing reference level (Datum), used for processing table.
d. Guide pillar and guide sleeve with high matching precision.
e. To improve the machining accuracy of parts.
2. Punch precision to ensure that, from the perspective of machining and assembling, punch precision mainly includes: a. The shape and size of precision mould; B. The adjacent sides of the vertical punch.
3. Die precision machining and assembly from the point of view, the die precision mainly includes: a. The shape and size of precision die; B. The verticality of the adjacent sides of the concave die; C. Die on the side vertical plane; D. The position of the concave die.
5. In molding structure, whether it is using a computer gongs, EDM, wire cutting or ordinary milling machine processing, coordinate processing method is adopted in all guarantees processing precision. Ensure the accuracy depends on the accuracy of the machine and operator, the accuracy of calibration. That, like the establishment of product quality assurance and management system of the guiding principle, the guiding ideology, the concept of precision molds should also be throughout the whole process of mold design and manufacturing. In order to ensure the mold assembly dimension chain closed ring accuracy requirements, who are involved in processing, mold manufacturing, outsourcing (including materials, standard parts) and the mold assembly, test mode, acceptance, packing and transportation of the whole process, to spread mould precision, key links and key factors must be held strictly restraint and management.

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