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Understanding of the concept of strengthening mold precision
The level of mold production technology and content of science and technology, has become the first mark of weighing a nation's science and technology and product level that make, it in large extent decide the product quality, efficiency and new product development strength, decide that a country manufacture industry's international competitiveness. On the basis of the domestic and international mold market progress, mold experts speculate, die in our country in the future through the restructuring of profession, precision mold will be getting higher and higher. Mold is the foundation of process equipment in industrial production, in the electronics, automotive, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, home appliances and communications products, 80% ~ 90% of the parts are dependent on the forming die, die shape decide the appearance, the processing quality and precision of the mold defined wins with the quality of these products.
, along with the economic survival degree gradually raised, the number of cars soared. We saw so many cars, but also can not help but realize the production of the factory behind the huge production. Undoubtedly, China's mold profession lead the automobile profession's progress, and that in the end die of automobile making what spread, automobile manufacturing of mold profession and what request.
the benefits of using the mold is that it can reduce costs, save time, raise production efficiency, so that enterprises in the fierce competition in today's invincible. However, now the use of the mold in the car, or plastic components, lights, steel shell and other accessories. Real car heart or the adoption of the heart of the cutting skills, not to adopt the mold tips.
except for the mobilization of the machine can not adopt the mold tips, the application of the crankshaft in the car is not able to adopt this technique. What is the reason? We all know mold molding skill element will certainly have a habit of adoption and its request to measure thin, but certainly the molding. Like the crankshaft, connecting rod so have the thickness, the diameter of the components, to use the die stamping or measurement of difficult. Today, most can adopt the first mold made crankshaft hair embryo, and then take the cutting processing.
in the processing accuracy of the request is very high, the mold is often more than the lack of heart. Today is fine mold can succeed precision rough in the range of 0.1 to 0.01 mm, this compared to the previous mold, precision had is raised a big step. However, like the mobilization of these components, but the request accuracy of 1/1000 mm, or even smaller. Therefore, today is not about cutting die completely replace. The personal
die Guangrun degrees, roughness has made a leap of the earth. However, the mold itself is made of machine tools, even if the production of the mold itself, if the accuracy of the machine can not cross the border, the production of the product accuracy is not high. Thus, mold experts feel that the adoption of excellent mold technology is currently used to fierce competition is bound to the trend, raising the competitiveness of the mold to get used to the market is necessary to focus on the most important. High precision mold mold is the actual elevation, business progress request, and also is the car business from.
to strengthen the concept of mold precision
1. Refers to as batch forming die stamping products such as fine forming tool. The precision of the mold includes the precision of parts and the quality of product precision, but it is important to the precision of the professional part of the mold.
. The concept of precision in the process of mold is the suitable level of the actual geometric parameters and the design parameters after the machining and assembly of the mold parts.
ii. Mold production of precision concept refers to enterprise employees in production practice, gradually formed and led the workers produce action of a form of thinking, a sense of quality, namely in the action of the staff and workers of the enterprise has been implemented master product accuracy and quality awareness.

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