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Mold competitiveness determines the vitality of products
Experts believe that the use of advanced mold, mold technology is the inevitable trend to adapt to the fierce competition, improve the competitiveness of the mold to meet the needs of the market is the priority among priorities. To improve the precision of mold, the mold industry is the requirement of the development of automobile industry and other industries, is also the voice of.
strengthen the mold precision concept
1. mold as used precision forming tool for batch forming stamping products. Die precision obtained include the processing precision of parts and production to assure the quality consciousness of product precision, but usually referred to the mold precision, mainly refers to the precision of the die parts.
precision mold processing. The concept is consistent with the extent of refers to the actual geometric parameters and geometric design parameters of mold parts processing and assembly. < br > 2. The concept of precision mold production is gradually formed in the production practice of the enterprise employees, provide guidance to employees in production behavior of a mode of thinking, a sense of quality, namely in the behavior of the staff and workers of the enterprise, always implement the grasp quality awareness of product precision.
2. mold precision of the content includes four aspects: size precision, shape precision, position precision, surface accuracy. Due to the two parts of the die in the upper and lower parts of the working hours, it is the most important of the four kinds of precision in the above and the lower die.
in the processing of high precision requirements, the mold is often more than the lack of heart. Now very good precision molds can achieve the accuracy of about 0.1 ~ 0.01 mm in the range, compared to before the mold, the accuracy has been improved a lot of step by step. However, as the engine of these components is required accuracy under 1/1000 mm or less. So, it is still not possible to completely replace the cutting die. Now the
mold finish, roughness has great leap. However, the mold itself is made out of the machine, if the manufacturing mold itself if the precision machine tool can not pass, the products precision is not high.

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