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What is the effect of mold on automobile manufacturing?
We all know the components of mold molding technology will certainly have adaptability, itself is thin, but certainly molding. Such as the crankshaft and the connecting rod thickness, diameter of components, or difficult to use die stamping. Now up to the first mold making crankshaft blank, then the cutting precision. The advantage of using
mold can reduce the cost, save time, improve production efficiency, so that enterprises in an invincible position in the fierce competition now. However, the current use of the mold in the automobile manufacturing, or plastic components, lamp, plate shell and other accessories. The real car core engine or the use of cutting technology, not the use of mold technology.
in addition to the engine can not be used outside the mold technology, the use of the crankshaft in the car is not the use of this technology. What is the reason? < br > mold production technology and the level of scientific and technological content level has become the measure of an important symbol of a national science and technology and product manufacturing level, it in a large extent determines products quality, effectiveness, new product development ability, determines a country manufacturing industry's international competitiveness. According to the domestic and international development of the mold market, mold expert Luo Baihui speculation, the future of China's mold after the adjustment of the industry structure, the accuracy of the mold will be more and more high. Mold is the foundation of industrial production technology and equipment, in the electronics, automotive, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, home appliances and communication products, 80% ~ 90% of the parts have to rely on die forming, the shape of the mold determines the shape of these products, the quality and precision mold processing also determined the quality of these products.
with the economy, rising living standards, the number of cars soared. We see so many cars, can not help but aware of the huge production manufacturer behind. Undoubtedly, China mold industry led the development of the automobile industry, the automobile manufacturing mold to exactly what effect, and what are the requirements of the mold industry in automotive industry.

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