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Effect of tool material on quality
Over the years, the user in accordance with the standards, the use of a variety of tool manufacturers to swap milling cutter and blade. However these standards of milling cutter and blade made various restrictions, the provisions of the shape of the blade, and thickness of the cutting blade of the inscribed circle, and blade seat and the wedge block clamping pieces of the size and the knife body size. Because of the limited design scope of the blade material, the blade and the chip, the standard tool supplier and the production are limited by the machining function. < br > however in today, concept of milling cutter tends to be flexible, for tool developers to supply the using the new tool and blade design freedom, the design can be optimized using the new tool concepts, can better solve the machining safety, precision, surface quality, metal to in addition to the problem of rate, the tool overhang, high-speed cutting, and different cutting path of ability.
today's milling cutters are constantly being optimized to meet the needs of modern production, machine tools and materials, and to be widely accepted by the industry. New tool to remove metal speed has been raised several times, cutting force is smaller and orientation, the typical runout only a fraction of the old standard tool, so it can always control machining tolerances in a smaller range, the loss of the cutting edge is smaller and more ideal. Axial and radial runout are very slight, which means to improve the precision of the cutting edge, so the workpiece surface quality better tolerances and smaller, longer tool life and cutting load across and more symmetrical, and to improve the cutting speed, reduce noise, vibration and loss.
using the tool also helps to improve the spindle speed, high speed feed and hard parts milling, and extends the opportunity to dry cutting. These tools are designed to be more concise, to adjust and maintain the required amount of work that time is very little. Knife body rigid, precise size, made of pre hardened steel processing to ensure blade precisely and securely mounted on the cutter body, and according to the different application of the selection of suitable pitch. < br > new milling cutter used for specific data or the process of the development of the material of the blade and slot type, equipped with the blade of the new cutter for the implementation of the functions and results, far better than the ISO or ans standard knives and blades. Compared with most of the standard blade, modern new blade and a tool to supply more Taisho anterior horn and more complex groove, so as to reduce the cutting force, the formation of faster and more steadily metal removal of synergistic effect.

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